Budget Day 2021, what can we expect?

Anyone can Succeed as an Entrepreneur on Vinylrecords-direct.co.uk

The Budget is going to be designed to help everyone, the pandemic has bought everyone in to real focus on what they want to do with their life, whether its relocating to another part of the country or changing so this in your personal life. This website was setup in a transparent way, reflecting lower costs than other well known websites.

You can list as many or as little as you want and before a *fee you are warned. If you are a Bronze member, you can list 1000 items no sell no *fee. If yoiu want to list more you can and if you do up garde to a highermembership and we can see you are goimg to benefit from alower membership we will warn you asking if you want to dwon garde.

Looking for employment, a job, come off benefit or build a business in your spare time, nows the time to do it. ou can sell anything from Vinyl records to VHS videos, Games and Jigsaws to Books, audio Books, DVD’s, PC games and consoles.

https://wYou can even help the environment, www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0010yl3 by re-using your parcel papers, boxes and sending out your items in recycled paper, and do your bit for the environment too.

Start now click on https://vinylrecords-direct.co.uk/become-a-seller/ and click on bronze member.

And if you open an account before the End of December 2021 and become a silver member, your monthly subscription will be *refunded until 31/3/2022.

I started this business to help me look after my mother and father, who have since died.  But it enabled me to work and be with them.  (They didnt dye of Covid, aged 95 and 97) and to get of other websites, now https://vinylrecords-direct.co.uk/ has transparent fees, and lower that ebay and amazon I can you help you – yourself, all you need is an enthusiasm to successed just like Stephane Boyce https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/en/topics/the-city/q-a-with-i-stephanie-boyce, congratulations Stephanie, and I mean that, I was Eplipetic until my operation to correct it in 1996, but was forever descrimated against. Now, here – any one can successed.

All the Best

Kieran Wright
Managing Director
email [email protected]

*     =  Vinyl Records Direct Ltd has no liability for decisions you make (now VRD or any other
         business  venture you take after reading VRD website.
**    =  It is advised that you seek independent financial advice
***   =  Or as many hours a week as you want too.
****  =  Terms and conditions apply
***** =  Please ask permission to sell the item if you do not own the item, no liability will be entered


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