COP26 – Methane Gas has been a problem for year, but what else? Here is a 12 point plan to help you help the environment.

Intro about me: I am the Managing Director of Vinyl Records Direct Ltd and we sell lots of second hand (and New) its, and you can too.  We do try to use  recycled paper and boxes to help the environment.  If you sell items and what to be more eco-friendly email me [email protected] If you do sign up a discount will be applied to your fees, and the difference that would have been chargeable and what your charged will be donated to World Wildlife Fund (From 2/11/2021 to 31/3/2022)* In email Quote ref WWF2022

Now Methane Gas:  I am so surprised it’s taken SO LONG for COP26 to address this as a real issue.  I was having conversations with several mates, and I was talking about fossil fuels and one was more concerned with methane gas. methane gas with the glaciers melting is potentially worse then fossil fuels.  But, what’s causing the glaciers to melt? The change in the temperature.  What’s causing that?  Fossil fuels well is it.?  Currently, as I write this blogg, there is a film on glaciers melting and global warming as I type this blogg, on Film 4 2/11/2021, and check it out it’s a fiction film, but its coming true, even President Biden is agreeing on global warming.

Reason, The Ice glaciers were melting, we know that, we all know that but its only since Thunburg has bought this to the younger generation, that things are happening.  and you only have to look at Denmark. Where Ice has melted to reveal a plane.  This is not the only find, just search google.

With all the Icebergs moving and breaking up,

Alaska is worried about their way of life, as snow and land (made up of ice) is vanishing and has got worse in the last five years.

Not to mention 2021, where Greenland has had its warmest days on this planet in our lifetime and the Snow is melting.

This has been happening for years, people have been told to recycle their plastics, Card, paper and glass.  This is in the UK (and other countries) and although we (most of us) do our recycling bit.  We don’t do enough. In fact mist councils fail to recycle.  My council, I called them to say they hand not taken the card board and I was told to put them in the other bin for next week.  It defects the object of us making  the effort to separate the recycle from the non-recycle.  My mum died recently but lived to age 97, god bless her soul (And it wasn’t COVID 19 that she died of) She made a conscious effort to  wash all tins, plastics and glass bottles to recycling.  Not knowing that the council was just putting the rubbish in land fill.

What can I do to help more?

1.       When you buy a plastic bottle with a drink in, usually water.  Make a conscious effort to fill it up from the tap.  Excuse,” But the tape water tastes of Chlorine”!  Well if when you run the water to fill up a washing bowl, start by filling up a jug as its cold water (Initially)  Put the lid on the Jug and stand for 24 hours, The Chlorine will evaporate.

2.       Use your Electric and Gas wisely.  It talks a lot of Electric to boil a kettle, and 9 times out of 10 we don’t want a full kettle.  There are two solutions to this.  When you boil the kettle either pour the remaining boiled water in to a flask and use for you next hot drink, or let it cool down, and use it to fill the jug up for cold water.

3.       Turn your house temperature down by 1 degree, when you have the heating on.  If necessary where a pullover or fleece.    You will be surprised how much your bill will be reduced by. (Taking into account the new prices- it would have been a lot more)

4.       If you have a bath, use your water to wash the tins and flush the loo.  Water is a natural resource and some countries are selling land where water is abundant. Land is being bought up by big corporate businesses for their own gain.

5.       When you water your garden, don’t use a hose, use a watering can.  This will reduce your water bill.

6.       If you can convert your drainage to a soak away, your water rates bill can be reduce.  Furthermore, if you have a septic tank you water rates can be reduced further.

7.       Solar panels, well yes, I have them, but I get boiling hot water in the summer, and warm water in the winter.  If I want a bath or shower at 7am before I going to work, I have to have the hot water tank on to warm the water up, or wash in cold water like they do in some third world counties, like I did in Guyana in the morning and evening (using Rain water) it was refreshing in the morning it certainly work me up.

8.       Reuse your clothes more, don’t washing so frequent.  Its proved that if you have 1 less clothes wash a week it will save you some money.  See

9.       Don’t buy clothes for a once use and discard, you only get what you pay for, buy quality goods that will last.  Brand names are notorious for being made in third world counties where wages are meniscal and working conditions are bad.  Not to mention that the waste is put into rivers  that will kill sea animals in the sea and we humans eat fish.

10.   Make a habit of buying local fruit and vegetables which have not travelled half way around the world, just so you can have strawberries every day.  I remember Strawberries were only available for Wimbledon, but if wanted at Christmas you paid a real premium on the price. 

11.   Buy fruit and Vegetable’s that are in season, this is when they are abundant and much cheaper.  Stay local and again this will leave a smaller environmentally friendly footprint.  Check your foot print at environmentally friendly footprint at

12.   Think bout what you throw away, I was at a bus stop tonight, and  person, after smoking through their stub on the ground.  I mentioned it to them (they were maybe 17 so I was surprised to say the least)  But all these stubs get washed into our drainage, and either end up in the sea killing fish that eat them or blocking drains up and causes water board to overflow their sewerage  It’s cheaper to pay the fine, then to sort this problem out. 


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