Getting Cheaper House and House Contents Insurance, Annually

Getting Cheaper House and House Contents Insurance, Annually


Every year I get a quote through from my current provider -and I always go to the Comparison websites, a good one to start with is: or

Other Links: 



Make sure you answer all the questions the same, and annually go through the same questions and answers, again answering the same.

Look who the under rights are if you are unsure.  Good under writers are Lloyds of London others to look for are register or members of, Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Filling the forms in:

Be Honest, if you have a smoke detector and answer yes, the insurance company may decline your claim as you may need smoke detectors in all rooms, its better to say no and have a detector in the hall

Don’t insure things outside the house in the extras, if you know the item is not worth it.  Eg. Computer /laptop maybe 4 years old, if you claimed on it, you may have put a value of £1200 (with an excess of  £250) it maybe only be replaced with a second hand (NOT New) From experience I took out a insurance on my sons’ laptop with a well known store.  When we claimed because the screen was broken – screens were not covered,  make sure you read the terms and conditions.

Insurance companies are supposed to offer you the best price:

You will find, it is invariable always dearer, if you contact them, and they quote you higher for a renewal. You can negotiate by saying “on gocompare another insurance company has quoted you less”, they may say we can match that.  BUT, you may/will need to prove this, This is the norm!  I have said, “well you should have given me that first!” and I went else where, but if you’re happy with their service and customer support centre – and what to stay with them that says a lot as a lot of utility services are online only.

Payment:  Where you can, pay by credit card, Under the credit card section 75 rule ( you will be covered by your credit card company, if things go wrong, or the insurance provider stops trading.

All in all, keep your head – and be polite, honest – it says a lot.  Do not raise your voice on the telephone, if they do, lower yours an octave, they can not raise their voice above yours.

Other points:

Always take  a name of the person you are talking to, if they decline, understand they don’t have to give their name, but ask for an employee name/reference.

If you sell your house, you can get a refund of the insurance policy, proportional to the unused months, or transfer to a new property.  It is maybe cheaper to get the refund and go through the above process again.  Because if you stay with the company insuring your old house, they will renew the policy and increase the price, as you’re not a new customer.

I run Vinyl records direct ( and the fees payable are transparent,with discounts for new members and discount offers to members with good customer sales and feedback. However, if your membership is being over paid we will recommend you take a lower membership if you’re not listing enough, which saves you money.  It’s then up to you if you want to keep your current membership, as you may have been away for a week or two and back to normal next week.

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