If you are having problems using the site, please check out the help sections below.  If your problem/question is not listed, you can contact us here.

Buyers Help

The My Account > Orders page shows all orders you have made as a buyer, either for products on the site, membership subscriptions or listing charges (if you are a seller).

If you are a seller and want to see the orders other buyers have made with you for your products go into the My Account > Seller Dashboard > Orders page. Clicking on an order will show you more details, the item ordered, total paid, billing and shipping addresses etc…  When you have sent the product, you can change the order status to completed and this will send an email out to the buyer letting them know their product is on its way.

You can enable / disable auction alerts via SMS on the My Account > SMS Auction Alerts page.  You will get alerts via SMS when:

  • An auction is about to end
  • An auction has ended
  • You have been outbid
  • You have recieved an offer on an auction
  • You won an auction and need to pay

Just check/uncheck the box at the bottom of the page to enable/disable SMS alerts.

Please Note: You must provide a mobile phone number in the Billing Address > Phone field.

The My Account > Addresses option allows you to set a Billing and Shipping address for your account.

Both addresses need to be setup before you are allowed to bid on auctions.

The Payment methods option allows you to set your default payment method for the site.  Your card details are not stored on the Vinyl Records Direct website, they are stored securely on our payment providers secure servers.

The My Account > Account Details option allows you to set your name, email address and password.  If you need to change your password you can do it here!

The My Account > My Watchlist option shows you a list of all auction items you have set a watch on. It’s a quick way to keep an eye on auctions and easily get back to see how they are progressing.

The My Account > My Bids option shows all the bids you have placed on auctions, when you placed it, your best bid and the time left on the auction.

The My Account > My Wins option shows you all the auction products you have won.  You can select a won product and make a payment for the auction.

While you are listing an item, and you choose to go off to another webpage (Or another part of your account) any new listing, not finished and saved will be lost. What you will need to do is SAVE AS A DRAFT which you can complete later WARNING: If you click publish, it will publish and apply the appropriate membership listing count towards your account.  But, you can go in and amend the details (As long as there is no bid/s on the item)  You can amend the product details, but not and associated reserve or buy it now price.the prices

You can contact a seller, by clicking on the Ask a Question tab, under the item picture.  And filling in your details, with the question.  A reply will come to your email registered with Vinyl Records Direct Ltd

The My Account > logout option will sign you out of Vinyl Records Direct.

Sellers Help

The Seller Dashboard allows you to configure your store details, add / edit / delete products, view orders, see your reviews, view reports on sales by date, by product and by category and configure your default shipping rates.

In the Store Details section you can set your PayPal email address, this is where your payouts are automatically sent after a sale (minus the Vinyl Records Direct commission).  You can also set a description for your store, set your address, global shipping rates, global return and shipping policies and store status (e.g. if you are going on holiday you can put your store on hold for 2 weeks)

Currently there are Six databases for (1) Vinyl records and CD’s, (2) DVD’s and Videos, (3) Video/Computer Games Incl. Xbox and PSP, (4) Books (5) Jigsaws and Board Games (6)  Consoles.  The First four are Metadata and are supplied by a 3rd party.  The Jigsaw, Board Games and Consoles.  Have been added to this website manually to help sellers find what they want n the future..  These’s lists are non-exhaustive, and if you can not find what you what to sell, you can list it independently under the appropriate key Description > other.  You can also request Vinyl Records Direct to add a brand for these as well   (Which we might) depending on how popular it is.

You can update the metadata bases by going to (1) Vinyl and CD ( DVD’s and Videos,  ( (3) Video/Computer Games Incl. Xbox and PSP ( (4) Books ( updating It may help you and other buddies in the future them  See Tips for shortcuts

When using the databases, and you find a CD of the vinyl record you are selling, you can select CD version, Then amend the product detail to what format it is.  This will not clear what’s on the screen (Only if you click on NEW PRODUCT or A TAB on the same item, it will clear what you have typed.  So, save any work you have done, especially if you have spent time manually typing in all the tracks of Now That’s What I Call Music 100, as you will lose what you have typed, and you have not saved the page to draft)

If you cannot find what you’re looking for in the associated database, try using a well known search engine or another website that might supply what details you need, See Vinyl records Direct Limited Terms and Conditions (

When listing Various items you will find a 13 digit ISBN number, (Previously Known as SBN) Sometimes this does not work. As not popular or database has not been updated.  Try using the ISBN number without the first 3 numbers usually 978, you may find it in a different format (If not the item format your looking to sell) Then Edit the item to suit the item your selling.  Eg. Hardback book  on Database refers to a paperback.  Make sure the print format, publisher, year and number of pages is correct and if necessay any contributores (Eg. illustraters or readers if a audio book) and bobs your uncle.


If you are a seller and want to see the orders other buyers have made with you for your products go into the My Account > Seller Dashboard > Customer Orders page. Clicking on an order will show you more details, the item ordered, total paid, billing and shipping addresses etc…  When you have sent the product, you can change the order status to completed and this will send an email out to the buyer letting them know their product is on its way.

If you have signed up for one of our membership plans, the My Subscription option will show you the current status of your subscription, when the next payment is due and allow you to cancel your subscription, change your payment method or renew early.  If you cancel your subscription, it will remain active until the next renewal date.  At the next renewal date your subscription will not renew and you will not be charged.

When you sign up as a seller we automatically set some default shipping rates for the various product types that can be listed on Vinyl Records Direct.  These are automatically applied to your account.

You can amend these default values by going into the My Account > Seller Dashboard > Default Shipping Rates option.

The default rates are split by product type and then countries. This allows you to set specific country shipping rates for every product type. 

When you create a new product, the defaults are automatically applied to the new product when it is published.

If you want to override the shipping rates on a specific product (e.g. when the item is larger or heavier than normal) you can edit the published product and amend the country specific shiping rates in the Product Data > Shipping tab.

The main thing to remember is that the last rule for any product type (or single product) should use * as the country code, this will apply the last shipping rate to all countries that have not specifically been set.

When you are adding an auction product you can set it to automatically relist if the item doesn’t sell (e.g. if the reserve is not met or noone bids on your product).

The last option of the Product Data > General tab on the Add / Edit Products page lets you select if you want to automatically relist your item.

Check the box and enter either the number of minutes to wait if the auction is not paid (we recommend avoiding this option to give the buyer a chance to pay) or the number of minutes after the auction finishes when the item hasn’t been won.  You can also set the relisting duration.

When an auction item is automatically relisted it will use one of your monthly allowance of listing credits.

You can sign up as a seller and sell your items for free on Vinyl Records direct, just go to the Become a Seller page and choose the Bronze subscription.

Some options do incur additional charges, such as setting a reserve on an auction item, adding a buy it now option, some auction lengths, the charges vary depending on the subscription level you have.

Please take a look at the Become a Seller page for more information on the specific charges at each membership level.

Any charges you incur from listing products are automatically invoiced on the first day of the next month.  Order emails are automatically sent out to all sellers with a link to make a payment for their charges.  This needs to be paid within 14 days otherwise your account maybe put on hold.

You can view your current charges by going to the My Account > Seller Dashboard > Charges page.

Yes, if you have several products that are very similar you can save yourself some time with the Duplicate option.

Go into the My Account > Seller Dashboard > Add / Edit products page and hover over a product.  Click on the Duplicate option and this will create an exact copy of the product with a new name (it will have (copy) added to the end).  You can then edit the new copy of the product and change the relevant details (e.g. give it a new name, change the auction start time, upload new photos).

When you are logged in as a seller and viewing one of your products on the frontend of the site, you can also duplicate the product from the right hand side of the page.

When someone purchases one of your items, either by Buy It Now or winning an auction, you will be notified via email of the sale.

Please ensure that [email protected] is in your address book/contacts or whitelisted to ensure these emails reach you.

The email will list the buyers billing and shipping addresses, the items they have purchased and the total costs.

You can then login to the My Account > Seller Dashboard > Orders page to see a full list of all orders you have recieved.

Clicking on the order number of an order will take you into the full view of the order.  This will allow you keep track of the status of the order, send notes to the customer or send tracking information.

IMPORTANT: Once you have actually shipped the items on an order, you should edit the order and change the Status from Processing to Completed.  This will help you keep track of which orders still need to be shipped and it also sends an email out to the buyer alerting them that their items have been shipped.

If you have tracking information about the order you can add these on the right hand side of the page and check the Send tracking number to customer to have these details sent directly to the buyer.

You can send a note out to the buyer of an order in the My Account > Sellers Dashboard > Customer Orders page by clicking on the order number of an order so you edit the order.

At the bottom of the page is the Add Order Note section.  This allows you to add either your own notes about this order, or to check the Send note to customer checkbox, which will email a copy of that note out to the customer.  It is recommended that you include your email address in any notes sent to the customer so they are able to reply to you, if needed.

All notes added are displayed in the Order Notes section, which allows you to keep track of what has happened with a particular order.

If you see “No Shipping Set” next to a product listing in the Add / Edit Products page it means that the system was unable to find the default shipping values for that product when the listing was saved.

The quick fix for this is to edit the product and click the Update button, this will force the system to lookup the default rates for that product type and apply them automatically to your listing. 

This problem is usually due to the product type not existing in your default shipping rates settings.  If you see the option to Accept new shipping rates, accept them as this will ensure that default rates exist for every product type.  Alternatively you can go into My Account > Seller Dashboard > Default Shipping Rates and ensure there are some shipping rates setup for that product type.  Once you have default shipping rates set, edit the product listing and click the Update button.

If someone wins an auction and you later want to relist that auction it’s important that you do not just republish the original auction listing.

In order to ensure the new auction does not have any of the previous bids, you must use the Duplicate option (hover over the listing and click “Duplicate”).

This will create a copy of the listing with none of the previous bids or winners attached, edit the copy and publish it.

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