Metal: A Headbangers Companion II – Various Artists (CD Boxset)


Metal: A Headbangers Companion II – Various Artists (CD Boxset)

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Metal: A Headbangers Companion II – Various Artists (CD Boxset)

1. Heartwork
2. Mass Appeal Madness
3. Drowned
4. God of Emptiness
5. Under a Serpent Sun
6. Leviathan
7. Corporation Pull-In
8. Soul Sacrifice
9. Dogma Condemned
10. Lying and Weak
11. Cenotaph
12. Scars of the Crucifix
13. Succubus
14. Undead
15. Forever
16. Monticello
17. Like Rats
18. The Crucified Ones
19. Godplayer
20. Kiss Your Boots
1. Passive Restraints
2. Rupture
3. Fink Dial
4. Aquarian
5. Kill for Metal
6. Quiet Cold
7. This Is It
8. We Are Everywhere
9. Underachiever
10. I’m So Tired
11. Soap and Water
12. Raping the Earth
13. Condemned
14. Entropy Within
15. Grain of Salt
16. It’s Good Weather for Black Leather
17. Fucking Fuck
18. Visions From Beyond the Grave
19. Mortal Cage
1. The Art of Partying
2. Armoured Assault
3. The Beast
4. Leave Me Here (edit)
5. I Killed Rebecca
6. Choronzonic Chaos Gods
7. Through the Smoke Lies a Path
8. Rebirth in Blood
9. Consuming the Dying
10. Too Strong for the Strongest Lord
11. Towards Loss
12. Kings Among Cockroaches
13. Exiztenz
14. Worlds Collide
15. Maddening Disdain
16. My Untold Apoclaypse
17. Icon of Malice
18. Loosely of Ameobas
1. Rapture (live)
2. The Stench of Redemption (live)
3. Bury Your Dead (live)
4. Mind Eraser (live)
5. Siege of Power (live)
6. Spearhead (live)
7. Winds of Creation (live)
8. Reality (live)
9. Parasite God (live)
10. A Funeral Request (live)
11. Stranger Aeons (live)
12. Ketchup Suicide (live)
13. Gut Rot (live)
14. Corporal Jigsore Quandary (live)
15. Private Hell (live)
16. Mathematics (live)
1. Triad (Biohazard remix)
2. Silver Rain Fell (Meat Beat Manifesto mix)
3. Day of Suffering
4. Hole IV
5. Underdog (Zombie Girl remix)
6. Strike It (Attica Blues Mo Wax mix)
7. Us and Them (Defensive remix)
8. Breed to Breathe
9. It’s Not Reality (Scott Brown remix)
10. I Destructor (Lenny Dee mix)
11. Two of Me (Thermo-Amphetamine mix)
12. Regression-Progression
13. Abominations
14. Control
1. The Kill
2. Summon the Antichrist
3. Ill Neglect
4. Cannibal Rights
5. Exhume to Consume
6. Burned Beyond Recognition
7. Your Kid Is Deformed
8. The Obscure Terror
9. Truth
10. We Did Not Come to Heal
11. Coffin Fornicator
12. Avalanche Master Song
13. Guts of a Virgin
14. Petrifyed Faces
15. Deranged From Blood
16. Strip Naked for the Killer
17. Porn Again Christian
18. Fear (Wasn’t in the Design)
19. Their Blood Be on Us
20. Corpse Full of Gunk
21. Conquering a Dead Planet

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