The Grimethorpe colliery Band (CD Album)


The Grimethorpe colliery Band (CD Album)

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The Grimethorpe colliery Band (CD Album)

1 St Cuthbert
2 The Old Rugged Cross
3 Bullinger
4 All Thing Bright And Beautiful
5 Ascalon
6 Deep Harmony
7 Misericordia
8 It Is No Secret
9 St Clement
10 Geibel
11 O’ Rest In The Lord
12 Tydi A Roddaist
13 Tony Botel Ebenezer
14 Jerusalem
15 Cwm Rhonda
16 Gerontius
17 Old Hundreth
18 Onward Christian Soldiers
19 Aberystwyth
20 Gresford
21 Sandon
22 Rockingham
23 Balenwern
24 Mearer My God To Thee
25 Grimethorpe
26 Diadem
27 Crimond
28 Nottingham
29 Lloyd
30 Pembroke
31 Belmont
32 Hollingside
33 Easter Hymn
34 Abide With Me

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