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General Terms and Conditions


Offers to End Auctions Early
The Vinyl Records Direct Ltd (VRD) promises to let all auctions run their course and be fair to all customers, if ‘You the seller chooses to cancel the auction, if no bid has been received, No problem, but this will impact on your listing allowance by however many you remove from auction.  Relisting the item or items at a later date, will reduce your relisting allowance by the same amount.(Depending on your membership level).  If a complaint is received from a buyer, your account will have a negative flag put against it.   Anymore complaints regarding stopping an auction or cancelling while a bid is on it will be flagged to VRD, and your account maybe limited with special offers of free listings for six months.  Three or more, will limit your account to 1 year, and only when 12 months has lapsed, after the account review following the lapsed negative flag mark against your account will your account be reviewed and special offers and re-activated special offer again.

Address Changes:
When making payment, please ensure you specify the correct address where you wish for your order to be posted to. Any address changes requested outside of this will be refused and the order will be cancelled as this is a breach of VRD policy. We are not responsible for recovering a parcel if it is posted to an address other than that stated on your VRD account.

Holding Orders:
Based on the volumes of stock we are processing, we are unable to hold orders following payment and any orders received after payment is received will be processed within our 2-3 working days you may contact the seller, and ask them to send out next week for mitigating circumstances.

Names, usernames, addresses and contact numbers which are provided via the customer to the seller on VRD, maybe shared with the couriers for dispatch purposes only. Our couriers handle this data in accordance with ICO guidelines and Data Protection law. Please only include details in the ‘Post To’ section that you are happy to be shared with couriers.

Opening up Auctions to International Buyers or Blocked Buyers
VRD is unable to open up auctions once they have begun to excluded buyers or countries. If international shipping is not allowed on an item, Please select UK only.  It is down to the individual seller to say whether they are willing to ship outside the UK or (If seller is outside the UK) to the country its being sent.  E.G. Customs duties, import taxes etc and set the associated shipping rates in their account.  We do supply recommended shipping rates, which should take into account VRD fees.  Its down to “you” the seller to make sure the rates are enough.  Some sellers chose to use a nominal rate Eg. £1 for a Video which would cost £3+ No liability will be held by VRD should the seller either make a loss on the sale/s or make a loss for choosing the wrong shipping rates and associated fees/Import taxes in association with any item/s sold on VRD.

Payment Options Accepted
VRD can accept most debit/credit cards, stripe and PayPal payments. We do not offer any other payment and do not offer cash on collection. We apologise for any inconvenience. Should the buyer agree with the seller a cash price (Maybe No postage charged – If Collecting) and things go wrong VRD is not liable.  If this proceeds to a successful sale, commission will be charged on the total cost of the goods.  If it does not happen and completed for any reason VRD is not liable in any way shape or form for the seller(s) or buyer(s) actions.

Payment Time Allowance
VRD is happy to wait a total of 3 days for payment of any item sold by VRD. On the 4th day our unpaid item assistant will automatically open an unpaid item case. Once an unpaid item case is opened, we are unable to cancel a transaction until 8 days have lapsed and the seller/buyer agree to it.  Should the buyer request a cancellation and the seller does not agree, the buyers account will be flagged for underperformance mark this may, in some circumstances apply to the seller if the sell has cancelled (If that’s the case the buyer will not have a Negative flag for performance marked against their account)

Buyers and seller accounts are set at a Standard (three unsolved problems, issues or policy violations) if three problems (AKA Negative Flags) occur in any 12 months, the buyer or sellers account will possibly be restricted.  An appeals procedure is in place for this.  The User will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt 1 or more problems/issues was not their fault (Evidence based E.g. Tracking numbers provided etc)  During this time scale, special offers and discounts associated with special offers either taken when joining VRD or taken after joining VRD will be rescinded and not re-instated until the issue/s are sorted out.

Cancellations of Bids or Auction Win
If you make a cancellation request, once an unpaid item case is opened, we cannot cancel the order and you will have to wait the seller to agree/or buyer agree for the case to be mutually cancelled. If the seller refuses to cancel the sale and you fail to pay, this will mark your account with a negative flag.   This could  affect your feedback and or limit your account to the accounts option you started with.   Upgrading your account will not give any extra free listing (If  you choose to upgraded your account.  You will be limited to what that membership package offers with normal fees applying)  for the unpaid item case to close in order for the transaction to be cancelled.  Both parties will need to agree.  A dispute not resolved and VRD need to get involved will put a negative flag) against your account if three problems occur in any 12 months, the sellers account  will possible be restricted for buying and selling (Depending on what actually happened)

See: http://www.onlineshoppingrights.co.uk/safe-online-shopping-know-your-rights.html

We will only allow 3 cancellations under the same user account in any calendar year for items bought for a third party.  If you the buyer cancels after winning the bid the seller has the right to block any buyer they choose not to sell to.  We VRD have the right to block any account if VRD terms and conditions are breached, Privacy policy is breached and any rules relating to Distance Selling Regulations 2000 (DSR)  (now replaced by the Consumer Contract Regulations) and the Sale of Goods and services (SOGS) (Previously known as the sale of Goods act) and or if the user acts as a buyer or a seller to any third party in an abusive way (Including uploading obscene and/or in appropriate media), breaks copyright laws, sells any illegal item/s or acts as a third party in the same way/s.  Both their account/s again, maybe closed/put on hold pending investigation/s and the appropriate authorities be informed if necessary.

Customs Declarations
VRD is unable to alter custom labels to help avoid tax or problems in other countries. We are unable to process any requests to label an item for less than it is worth or to list the package as containing goods that it is not (including as a ‘gift’).

Customs Information
VRD is unable to accept responsibility for delays to delivery of items due to customs where it has not been caused directly from a wrong customs declaration on our end. Unfortunately the VRD is also not liable for any problems encountered with customs during the returning of goods to us. Please know your customs declarations needs of your country before sending/returning an item to the seller as you (Buyer) are responsible for your item’s safe return to the sellers. Please note this means that we do not accept responsibility for any charges or extra charges and will not issue compensation due to custom related issues. (i.e. a problem caused directly by a customs form, sender actions and buyers actions (We only facilitate a website so both can communicate).

Opening Times
VRD website is on 24/7 however sellers may run their shop/account as times they please in accordance with their life.  E.G. Allowing for holidays, and not letting items list, or mark their account as on holiday and items will not be sent until the date they return.  This is the responsibility of each user to run their account in an acceptable and coherent way.

VRD Telephone number is answered 9-5 M-F and Some weekends (10am -2pm)  Emails will be responded to within 1-2 days

Policy On Buyers
VRD reserves the rights to block or end communication with any abusive buyers, any buyers who do not follow proper VRD or PayPal etiquette or any buyers which do not follow VRD or PayPal buying policies properly.  (Can be blocked pending any appeal, limited to 3 appeals in any 1 time or calendar year)

Policy On Seller’s
VRD reserves the rights to block or end communication with any abusive sellers, any seller’s who do not follow proper VRD or PayPal etiquette or any buyers  which do not follow VRD or PayPal buying policies properly. .  (Can be blocked pending any appeal, limited to 3 appeals in any 1 time or calendar year)

Please address any complaints you have to our customer service team via VRD  messaging service or email [email protected], titled complaint and with all the relevant information, including item description, item number, invoice number and the user who sold it to you (Or visa versa if the seller).  All emails between Buyer and Seller (Or Visa versa) will be needed, and sent to [email protected]  For a claim to be made and a payment reversal to be considered for a refund.  However, If the seller is at fault, E.G.  Item had part missing /item damaged, commission can be considered for a refund, but no refund will be refund for extra charged (This will depend on their membership level)  If the buyer is at fault, cases/claim will be consider on a one to one bases.  The buyer making a mistake to buy/bid, and return the item, only the cost of the item/s can be refund, no postage or import duties/tax can be refunded. (This is down to the buyer and seller to agree, as no selling /auction price, postage and associated costs will be refunded. if sent outside the sellers country to another country.  it will be down to the seller and buy to agree between themselves and its down to the seller to decide if they want to sell/send their items abroad.  As option for The UK (Or their *county can be set to only)                                   *=Using the country curance rates, converted to English £

All sellers and buyers Feedback and satisfaction is very important to us but please do remember to contact the buyer/seller about lost parcels and other queries prior to leaving feedback, open cases or complaining. Eight working days is the fixed term where the buyer and seller can communicate between each other using the sells order number, in notes at the bottom, where the seller can communicate with the buyer, and if the seller wants a reply, will need to give the buyer their email address.  After eight days VRD can be asked to look into the complaint.  (If the complaint is regarding SOGS, DSR, violating VRD privacy policy, terms and conditions or is illegal in law in any way – The complaint should be marked urgent, and VRD will endeavour to take action within the remit of VRD limitations and/or limited liability.

It is the liability of the users to act in accordance with all mandatory rules and regulations either/and/or within the rules and regulations of where the users are based.  With an emphasis on national/global rules and regulations that are globally acceptable.  This apply to buying and selling online. Each Case, User or users will be looked at and be reviewed and responded to within 3 working days. (If a question arises regarding of fraud or stolen goods, all accounts will be suspended pending investigation) While suspended, if a month membership is payable it will not be taken until a satisfactory outcome.  Any monies owed, will be put on hold, pending the investigation/s for all concerned, until a conclusion is reasonable meet by all concerned.  VRD will have the final decision taking into account all USERS/parties issues.  VRD is a platform to help people sell and buy at a reasonable (Transparent) fees.  Issues relating to SOGS and DSR maybe followed up in the appropriate way though the small claims courts and or mediation.  https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money to the other party/s, Not VRD.

VRD accepts returns within 14 days in accordance with VRD returns policy, If bought from VRD, other sellers will have their own returns policies.  As VRD is a facilitator, we do not get involved in this, the seller/user sets their own.  But, if the seller has not set their returns policy VRD 14 days will apply.

Combined Shipping
VRD system does allow sellers to combined shipping to the same address wherever possible prior to payment. We/Seller requires a reasonable time scale 2-3 working day to alter postage costs where applicable.  (Pending on the weight, size and courier being used)

However, Users , sellers have the right to refuse combined postage, but may negotiated a postage fee which when paid the appropriate percentage (Depending on level of membership) will be charged.

Dispatch Times
VRD allows 3-4 working days for dispatch but items are usually shipped within 2-3 working days of confirmed payment. In accordance with banking days and Delivery estimates.  The Seller can tell the buyer they cannot post until the weekend, and this will be taken into account, but if no postal date is mentioned in the communications, the 3-4 days will start from the sold date plus any Sunday/bank holidays on or after the sold date.  The postage time/s from confirmation of dispatch and in accordance with National/Global postal/courier/shipping services.   This can vary from seller to seller, but if over 14 days the buyer has the right to cancel the order.  If the seller is posting late due to personal reasons, please contact the buyer to let them know, as it maybe a present for someone.

Disputed Deliveries
VRD, Seller and users need to using an appropriate and recognised tracked service. In the event that a delivery is disputed, a claim will be submitted with the courier via the Buyer and or seller. A refund will not be processed until the claim has been successfully processed by the courier company. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us if a parcel has not arrived within 14 days. Claims can take up to 60 days from the date of notification to be processed.  If the seller chooses to refund the item and it turns out the buyer has received the goods, the account will be adjusted accordingly and a £25 fee will be applied to the guilty party.  (Non refundable) and a negative flag put against the user/s account in the normal way.

Collection in Person
VRD is unable to offer collection in person on any items that are not specifically listed as ‘Collect in Store’  If the seller does agree to a collection of the item/s sold to the buyer, this is out of the remit of any claim made by the buyer item not received, received damaged and not wanted.  It will between the two parties to sort out between themselves.

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