What to do when furlough ends – Look outside the Box, Seek and You shall Find

What to do when furlough ends:   Furlough was a good thing to keep the economy balanced.  Maybe in hindsight it should have been Universal Basic income.  Several countries have this already (see https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2018-05-03/will-universal-income-ever-work)

Covid-19 took the wind out of everyone’s sails, from the youngsters to the pensions, and the homeless to the millionaires, and so much so, it affected them in different ways.

Your Future is in your hands

Selling and shopping online became the new norm; working from home also became the new norm.  But, with Furlough coming to an end, more redundancies and unemployment, we need to re-evaluate our lives.  Vinyl records Direct Ltd (www.vinylrecordsdirect.online) was setup to help the sellers, keep more of what they sell.  Whether it’s selling 50 items a month to selling 50,000 items a month.  Vinyl Records Direct Limited (www.vinylrecordsdirect.online) You can sell anything from

  • Vinyl
  • Cassettes
  • DVD’s
  • Computer Games
  • PC DVD Games
  • Video Games
  • VHS Videos
  • Books
  • Audio Books (All formats)
  • Large Print Books
  • Board Games
  • Jigsaws
  • Consoles

Furlough and summer is finishing and this is the ideal time to get employment, start your own business and be in charge of your future.  You will be able to list **2000 items a month no *fees for no sales.  Even if you are employed you can start small and add items that you don’t want with no *fees for no sales.  When your business really does take off, the fees are transparent, and if your sales drop we will recommend your membership level could save you money by downgrading. Even if its for a month, when you’re in Cost Del Sol or America, you won’t be penalized for going on holiday, as you can downgrade your account to *monthly fees and place your account on holiday until you return from your holidays.

How to start a new career/ Business:  Look at where you want to be in 2-5 years, will you be working for someone else or working for yourself.  Tired to a 9-5 jobs and answer to a boss, and after 20-40 years all you will get is a goodbye cheque as someone else will take your job for less, or become your own boss.  It’s not what you have done in the past that counts, that’s why you are where you are.  It’s what you do today and tomorrow that will take you where you want to be.  Motivation or motive for action “it’s your choice” have a dream, Dream Big, the bigger the better.  Seek and you shall find, Ask and You will receive! but no one ever makes it sitting at home, waiting for Furlough to end or waiting for one pay cheque to the next.  Strange there is more Month than Money however much you are paid.

Vinyl Records Direct Limited (www.vinylrecordsdirect.online) is your steering wheel; you’re the Driver in an F1 Car you are driving  (look at Lewis Hamilton)  Is your next car a Rolls Royce or a banged out Skoda 1977 – Your futures in your hands click here to start www.vinylrecordsdirect.online

* = Terms and conditions apply

** = Gold and platinum memberships will be able to list more

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